here are some tips that you should but don't have to do

1.Choose Wisely

The first car that you will get is an Audi

Just use that one for a while

There are a lot of cars so save up your credits so you can buy fast cars


There are a lot of festivals and R&Ds

You should compete or race in those because you get great rewards

Like you might get a full nitro or the car you drove in those


You should practice practice practice

If you press the botton that says more racing options it will lead you to a few bottons press the one that says quick solo race press that.It should lead you to a place where you can choose what type of race you want.If you choose the mode knockdown then you will have to compete against another player to see who can knockdown the most players.That is a great type of race to practice knocking down other players.

Buy It

You can buy it wherever you buy apps.